“108 Things to do with a Broken Leg”

DAYONE-IMG_7355FsSadly your vacation has been postponed due to a mishap on the winter slopes, your last ski trip of the season and you’ve broken your leg.  It is just days before spring break, now it literally is Spring Break! Take this opportunity to kick back, relax and use the time to plan your next vacation more thoroughly. While you are recuperating we have compiled a few things for you to do with a broken leg. This journal is a glimpse of what Corbin was able to do with his broken leg. Although we had to abandon our spring break plans, Corbin is eager to visit the happiest place on earth sometime after May 22nd when “The 60th Anniversary of Disneyland” begins with the Diamond Celebration!  We will let you know what is new and exciting in the park. We are guessing it will be spectacular… Stay tuned for the update.

“When life hands you lemons, make Lemonade.”

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