Physiotherapy Third Week

PHYSIO3sSwimming is the other great activity for regaining strength in your leg. After a few weeks of stretching, swimming and bike riding, it is now time to recycle those crutches. Best to recycle them to another person who needs them.  It has taken a few weeks to eliminate your limp, but now, we are ready to get back to regular business and take that vacation we missed! Next stop, Disneyland!

Physiotherapy First Week

PHYSIO2-DSC08830FsCorbin has a very stiff leg. It will take a lot of stretching for his leg to get back to normal and he is able to begin walking without a limp. He will also need to continue using crutches for a little longer. When a broken leg is cast many Doctors will bend the knee when they set the cast which makes it easier to maneuver with crutches. The down side is, when the cast comes off, it takes a little longer to straighten your leg again. However the down side to having your leg cast straight at the knee is that it would be impossible to use crutches and you would be forced to use a wheelchair only, while recovering. Fortunately Corbin’s cast was bent at the knee, so, let the stretching begin. The best method to help stretch the leg back is by using an empty milk jug filled with water. Hang the milk jug with a bungee cord at the knee for 20 minute intervals a few times a day. Here we are, back on the couch, thank goodness for Netflix…

Cast Off

CASTOFF-DSC07876FsWell today is the day. Better reward yourself with something cool to do when the cast is off.  Take it easy, you will need physiotherapy. Your muscles will be stiff having been stuck in the same position for a couple of months.  Hats off to you buddy, you have been a Super Trooper, you made it through, the cast is off and now we can get back into the swing of things.

Cast Clinic

CASTOFF2-DSC07867FsThe Cast Clinic might be a place you will have to visit often over the course of your recovery.  Funny thing, we brought the other shoe, thinking Corbin could put it on when the cast came off.  It is not going to happen, your foot will be swollen and it won’t fit!  So don’t bother carrying it with you, it will take a few days for that shoe to fit again.

Hospital Smokers

SMOKING-DSC07854FsThe sign at the entrance to the Hospital clearly states no Smoking. It seems many people just need to smoke regardless of where they are.  Fortunately they have masks at the entrance, you can use one as a filter as you walk past the cloud of smoke…


XRAYVisit #9, how many X-rays could one person possibly need?  We are counting on this being the last visit.  Our Doctor needed an X-Ray almost every week to ensure Corbin’s leg was healing straight.  Count up your visits, save the waiting room tickets as a souvenir.  Time the waiting room, see how efficient your Hospital is?  It seems having X-rays done in the evening was the quickest…

Skateboard Park

SKATEBOARDJUMP-DSC09142FsIf you want to live on the wild side and if your leg feels up to it?  Deep down you know the cast is ready to come off. So, get back into a few of your favourite sports.  See what you can manage while your cast is still on.  Just avoid putting your other leg into a cast.

Blown Away By Music

BLOWNAWAY-DSC08666FFsListening to your favorite tunes on a bigger stereo is always entertaining and a bit different than the ear buds you might be used to. If the neighbors are not home, maybe you can feel that bass thumping. Let your bones tell you it is loud instead of your ears…