Disneyland Top Photo Op Locations


Along with all the fun that goes along with spending time at the happiest place on earth is capturing those special memories with a photograph. Disneyland has so many unique things to see in the park.  We have created a list of some of the great locations to place yourself for some really great images…

  1. Sleeping Beauty Castle, The drawbridge is very popular and you will always see Photo Pass Photographer’s directly in front of the Castle. But the two best spots are along the paths that extend on either side of the Castle. Here you will see the Castle and the water directly behind your subject instead of a thousand people. Main Street stays open an hour past park closing, you will notice the crowd thins out considerably, which makes for spectacular night time shots of the Castle with less people around.
  1. The Mickey Floral, Seen in front of Main Street Railroad station as you enter the park, this is the most popular spot for photographs in Disneyland. The face of Mickey holds approximately 32000 plants.    


  1. The Partner’s Statue, With Sleeping Beauty Castle in the background


  1. The Old Fire Wagon, Inside the Fire Hall underneath Walt Disney’s Apartment.
  1. The Sword in the Stone, In Fantasyland with the Castle towering directly behind your subject.


  1. Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Has a Dumbo ride vehicle shaded off to the side of the ride for photographs.
  1. Mr Toad’s Wild Ride, Has a Car beside the entrance to the ride for photographs.
  1. Mad Hatter Tea Party, Has a Tea Cup for photographs.
  1. Big Thunder Mountain, As you leave Fantasyland and walk toward Frontierland, Big Thunder Mountain is an excellent backdrop for photos.
  1. Rivers Of America, With the Mark Twain Riverboat in the background.
  1. Tom Sawyer Island, On top of the pile of treasure.
  1. Innoventions, In Tomorrowland on the second level balcony outside you will find a great view of The Matterhorn Bobsleds and the lagoon.  Another great view is from the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage.


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