California Adventure Photo Op Locations


In addition to all the great photo opportunities in Disneyland, you will find many great locations here in California Adventure. We have created a list of some of the great locations to place yourself for some really great images…

  1. Partners Statue, Buena Vista Street, in front of Carthay Circle.
  1. Mickey’s Fun Wheel, Paradise Pier, the best background in the park, the best viewpoint’s are from the Paradise Pier bridge or from the World of Color viewing area.
  1. Route 66, Cars Land, even better at night time with all the neon signs glowing in the background.
  1. Cars Land backdrop, best viewed when entering Cars Land through Pacific Wharf.
  1. Grizzly Peak, best viewed across from “a bugs land.”
  1. Hollywood Tower of Terror, best viewed beside the Hyperion Theatre. Another great location is inside the lobby.
  1. Mad T Party, Hollywood Land, at night the lights and DJ show make an excellent back ground.
  1. World of Color, Paradise Pier, all the dazzling lights and pyrotechnics make a superb background for any photo.

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