Wild Waves Tacoma WA


A great day trip can be found just outside of Seattle in Tacoma, WA where you will find a great little amusement park with a couple of truly great roller coasters. As well as a great water park with tons of water slides.

Wild Waves Water and Amusement Park

This park can be extremely busy, which means the wait times on a lot of the rides can be quite lengthy. Especially the wait line for any of the concession stands. You can however bring your own food and drinks into the park, which I highly recommend. We like to spend the day here enjoying our own snacks and then take in a dinner at the Olive Garden, which is only a 10 minute drive from the park. The water park, roller coasters and the lumberjack boat ride are worth the cost of admission alone. Be warned however, the boat ride will get you absolutely and completely drenched so, bring a towel even if you are not planning on going swimming. Trust me on this one, you will have a great laugh about it.

Top Rides at Wild Waves

  1. Timbre Hawk Ride of Prey Roller Coaster
  2. The Wild Thing Roller Coaster
  3. Lumberjack Falls Boat Ride
  4. Pirate Ship
  5. I5 Dive Sky Coaster
  6. Soaring Eagle Zip Line
  7. Disk O Flashback
  8. Ring O Fire
  9. Timberaxe
  10. Klondike Gold Rusher


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