Pacific National Exhibition


Vancouver BC offers an excellent fair which runs every year from the end of August to the first week in September. It offers a number of great attractions, food and entertainment. This year the lineup of entertainment includes The Beach Boys, Colin James, Hall and Oates, Dennis DeYoung, Tom Cochrane and Loverboy to name a few. Check the PNE website for a full list of the performers.

Playland Amusement Park

The Playland amusement park sits right next to the PNE and offers some fantastic one of a kind rides. My personal favorite is the mammoth wooden roller coaster built in 1958 that is sought after by roller coaster enthusiasts for it’s classic rollercoaster style, a 75 foot drop and speeds up to 76 km/h. If you love adventure and have a strong stomach you could try the Revelation, which spins at 100 km/h and has a 5g force similar to what fighter pilots would feel, well maybe that is bit of a stretch but if you want scary, this one is for you. If the kids from the film “Diary of a whimpy Kid” can do it, so can you.  Next you will want to try The Beast, Drop zone and AtmosFear.  The old classic wooden coaster is worth the trip alone.  Note that Playland is open daily during the summer months of July and August but, is only open weekends and holidays during the months of May, June and September. Look for Fright Nights in October.


Top Rides at Playland

  1. Wooden Roller Coaster
  2. The Cork Screw Roller Coaster
  3. Star Flyer
  4. The Hellavator
  5. Revelation
  6. Drop Zone
  7. AtmosFear
  8. The Beast
  9. Beach Party
  10. Mad Mousse


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