Teapot Hill


Teapot Hill Trail is an easy 5km round trip hike, located next to Cultus Lake.  The entrance can be found on Columbia Valley Rd beside the Teapot Hill parking lot.  Enjoy splendid views of Cultus lake and the Columbia Valley.

Take this hike and see how many teapots you can find, many hikers leave teapots in trees and along the trail.  Paying homage to the origin of it’s name, many years ago when surveyors were scouting the area they found remnants of an old campfire, where a teapot was left behind at one of the peaks.  Enjoy this brisk workout and see how many teapots you can find, maybe even place one of your own.  The summer has begun to wind down and many of the seasonal activities on the lake are beginning to close up for the winter.  Check back next summer when we will begin enjoying some of the other many fun activities this fresh water lake has to offer.

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