Eggstravaganza at Disneyland


If you are celebrating Easter at Disneyland, you will be able to take part in a special easter egg hunt. Throughout the park are 12 hidden easter eggs themed to Disney characters.  When you purchase the easter egg hunt map for $5.95, you will be given the clue as to which areas of the park have a hidden egg.  You will place a corresponding sticker on the map with the character that was found for each location.  When you complete the map, you can return the map for a surprise…

A second Easter egg hunt can be played in California Adventure.  I will give you one answer to each hunt, the rest you will have to find on your own and good luck!  The Mickey egg in Disneyland can be found in the 20th Century Music Company store on Mainstreet USA. He can be seen on the top shelf, when you walk in the store, just look up.  In California Adventure you will find Mickey in Hollywoodland on the water tower which can be found behind the House of Cards. You can see the water tower when you are in the queue for the Monsters Inc ride.  The surprise for the Easter egg hunt is your choice of a cool mini character themed Disney Easter egg.  And truth be told you can claim the prize with your map regardless of finding all the hidden eggs or not, have fun…


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