Walt’s Barn


Walt Disney loved trains and his Carolwood Barn is open to the public every third sunday of the month and admission is free!  He built his barn as a replica of the Disney family barn in Marceline, MO.  Walt spent many hours building trains here, It is filled with trains of all scales…

Stop by and see his Trains and workshop. If you cannot make it to visit his barn, you can still get an inside look at his unique trains at Disneyland. Currently while construction is underway for the new Star Wars Experience,The Disneyland Railroad is closed, however you will have the opportunity to see an artists rendering of what the new portion of the railroad will look like over Rivers of America, with the addition of a new trestle bridge. Then you can walk right up and look inside the trains on display at the Train stations in the park. You can even blow a train whistle at New Orleans Square station.  Walt Disney’s Barn is located at 5202 Zoo Drive, Los Angeles, CA open every third Sunday of each month, weather permitting.

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