Cultus Lake Adventure Park

IMG_9287F2This mini Amusement park with about a dozen great rides is situated on Cultus Lake, BC.  They offer a reasonably priced way to enjoy mini thrilling rides…

Tokens can be purchased to enjoy just one ride at a time or you can purchase a full day wristband for $20 to enjoy multiple rides over and over for the full day of purchase. Tokens are $1.50 each and each ride requires a different number of tokens, the Runaway Mine Train Roller Coaster requires 3 tokens. They also have Bumper Boats, which also spray water at your opponents, a Carousel, Swings, Ferris Wheel and a few other unique rides like the Roundup 360 a Swing ride which inverts 360 degrees. This mini park gets a thumbs up from a few of us avid thrill seekers…  Open daily 12noon to 10pm during the summer with some reduced hours on weekends in the fall…



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