Star Tours Anniversary

DISNEYLAND2011_12_07IMG_0350FOn this day January 9, 1987 Disneyland opened Star Tours a motion simulator attraction based on the Star Wars films…

The excursion sent guests to Endor, while en route the passengers become caught in an altercation between the rebels and the empire. It was a superb way to experience the original movie. The ride closed in 2010 to be updated to include new experiences from the newer movies and was renamed Star Tours the Adventures Continue…

Star Tours was the first non Disney Intellectual property used for an attraction. Star Tours replaced the Thru Inner Space attraction in Tomorrowland. Any Star Wars fan will currently enjoy many themed offerings in Tomorrowland which include: Hyperspace Mountain, The Star Wars Launch Bay, The Jedi Training Academy and The Path of a Jedi. As fans await the official announcement of the opening day for the new land, the Star Wars Experience. Yes, I am already counting the days…

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