Harrison Hot Springs Hotel and Spa

img_0827eThe Harrison Hot Springs Hotel is a great way to escape the cold winter blues. This magnificent hotel offers several mineral pools each at a different temperature, ranging from 83-104F for different comfort levels. The Harrison Hot Springs has one of the highest mineral concentrations of any mineral spring…

The 8 different minerals include: potassium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium sulphate, magnesium sulphate, calcium sulphate, calcium bi-carbonate, iron bi-carbonate and sulphurated hydrogen. Soaking in this mineral water promotes tremendous health benefits and offers a deep level of relaxation. During the summer months Harrison is a bustling town with many activities from hiking, biking to a variety of water sports and fishing.  In winter months there is still a great deal of tourism.  People enjoying the quiet serenity of the surrounding mountains and lakes.  Enjoy the hot mineral spas with the cool rain or snow falling on your face…



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