Ride Hailing vs Car Rental

DSC01242FThis trip to California was a great escape from the cold weather and heavy rain. Soaking up the sun at several southern California beaches…

As we were pricing out car rentals for the week we found some really great deals. Taking into consideration between the rental price, gas, parking and taxes we would have been looking at around $300 for the week. Which sounds reasonable, but we thought we would pit a ride hailing service against this car rental price. Ultimately, we took a number of rides during the week from LAX to Manhattan beach. Manhattan beach to Anaheim. Anaheim to Huntingdon beach. Huntingdon to the Outlets at Orange. Manhattan beach to Hermosa Beach. Redondo Beach to Manhattan Beach. Back to Anaheim and Anaheim back to LAX. This also included a few shorter trips. Ultimately the receipts tallied up to under $250, not only did we save money, but we also increased our vacation time and enjoyment because we were not spending any time looking for parking or navigating to our desired destinations.  Something to consider when you are travelling…

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