The One You Paid For

IMG_2615FYoung MC said it best with his remark “This is the one you paid for,” just before he belted out his hit “Bust a Move.” At the “I love the 90’s” concert…

Which also included performances by Rob Base, Color Me Badd, All-4-One, Salt N Peppa with Spinderella and a grand finale by headliner Vanilla Ice. With a crowd pleasing performance of his hits Go Ninja, Play that Funky Music and of course Ice Ice Baby, to name a few.  I was pleasantly surprised how good all the performances were by the artists who made their hits almost thirty years ago.  As you can imagine each set was short but well worth the price of admission. The crowd went wild for all the acts. All in all the night was pretty fun, If you can catch one of their shows you will be glad you did.  Despite the seemingly short sets the concert lasted 4 hours with a DJ who was able to get the crowd going between set changes. The show itself has been getting mixed reviews, however, the show we saw was met with thunderous applause.  Everyone seemed to be having a great trip down nostalgia lane.  Most of these performers will also be performing on a cruise Jan 11-15, 2018 from Miami to Key West and Cozumel, seriously thinking about it? Check it out and other upcoming tour dates






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