Disney Max Pass

DSC04091FDisney has a slick new Fast Pass service called Max Pass, which combines the Photo Pass and Fast Pass services.  For only $10 a day per person you can acquire your Fast Passes directly to your smart phone without the need to physically go to the ride to obtain the Fast Pass…

Using the Max Pass service via your smart phone enables you to obtain a Fast Pass the moment you walk into the park, without walking over to the actual ride.  Also you can acquire another Fast Pass the moment the previous fast pass is scanned at the ride.  Which gives you the ability to acquire more Fast Passes throughout the day. This service also includes unlimited downloads of photos taken on the attractions, with characters or images taken by any Photo Pass Photographer in both parks combined. This service is available on the Disneyland app only.  Free Wifi is available in select areas throughout both parks, which is listed as “Disney Guest” in Network Settings on your phone. You can check wait times, acquire Fast Passes and look at Photo Pass images without using your phone data.  If your goal is to ride more throughout the day, the clear winner is the New Disney Max Pass. You will also manage to do all of this while taking less steps. The Fast Pass distribution machines issue Fast Passes roughly every 2 hours, where as Fast Passes collected via the Max Pass App can be acquired about every 90 minutes, a great deal to enjoy more Fast Pass riding…

If you decide to acquire your Fast Passes the old way via the Fast Pass distribution machines, but you still would like the Photo Pass images from the day. One person in your party can still acquire all of the Photo Pass images for the $10 Max Pass fee…


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