Diamond Head

A moderately easy hike with clear paths and amazing 360-degree views of Honolulu, the 760-foot summit can be reached in 40-60 minutes…

The hike begins inside the crater, which can only be accessed by vehicle from the Kahala side.  Currently, a new pedestrian tunnel is being constructed that will provide access from the Waikiki side, completion is expected by 2021.  Once inside the Diamond Head crater, you will find an information booth, souvenir shop and refreshments.  Behind the information booth the path begins, the switchback trails will take you quickly up to the first lookout with a terrific view inside of the crater.  Continuing on you will come to a 200 foot dimly lit tunnel, once through the tunnel, you will find a set of stairs which look like a thousand steps and seem to go straight up, however, it is actually only 99 steps.  At the top of the steps, you will find yourself inside a bunker with a spiral staircase that goes up a few stories at the top of this staircase you will exit to find a viewing platform with an amazing view of Waikiki beach, on a clear day you can see Maui in the distance.  Ancient Hawaiians named the extinct volcano Le’Ahi, later in the 1800s, sailors saw glittering stones embedded at the top of the crater, no diamonds were found but the Diamond Head name was born.  The trail was built in 1908 by the US Army as part of the Fort Ruger military base with bunkers and observation deck on the summit, a must to do if you are in Honolulu.





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