Cancelled Planes Diverted Trains

IMG_8203 FFrom beautiful sunny Hawaii and +35 to stormy eastern Canada and -35 with Cancelled Planes, Diverted Trains and lost Ride sharing drivers along the way….

I am not a fan of long distance travelling during the winter months.  But sometimes it is just absolutely necessary to get somewhere despite the weather. In this case a trek across Canada during one of the windiest and snowiest times of the year, from Vancouver to Montreal with six cancelled flights, air travel became impossible, so we decided on a train for the last leg of our journey, only to be diverted by the police as they needed to remove someone from the railroad tracks.  Ending with a ride sharing driver who managed to take us to the wrong address.  After many bumps along the way our perseverance paid off, we finally made it‪ and just in time.


IMG_8235 F

IMG_8283 F

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