Studio Tour

Here is a shot of the Courthouse Square at Universal Studios Hollywood taken this week, they change up the facade a little bit for different films, as it has been used in many movies over the many years it has been there, here are a few:  “To Kill a Mockingbird, Gremlins, Batman & Robin, The Nutty Professor, Jingle all the way, Bruce Almighty, The Cat in the Hat, Saving Mr. Banks and many more…

Always a fun tour of the backlot to see all the facades that are used in filming, the tour also includes a flash flood, an incredible King Kong 360 3D experience, the Fast and Furious supercharged, you will see some curious activity at the Bates Motel and witness Jaws on a closed beach at Amity island, definitely worth stopping by for a tour of the backlot.


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