Do-Over-Doo List

It is quite simple really, start a list of things you really want to go see and do. As you begin, instead of crossing items off the list as if they were a task to be completed, append your list with additional notes, ideas and punctuation marks! When you find something fun and you want to do it over, circle it on your list with an infinity mark. When you find something you really enjoyed but you really didn’t do it that well and you want to redo it, circle it with a check mark on your list. When you find something that you are really passionate about and you want to master it, then begin by over doing it, circle it with an exclamation mark! And if you work very hard all year long, it is well deserved and in most cases it is over-due, then you could circle it with a question mark on your list. If you happen to do something once and have no interest in redoing it then obviously cross it off the list. If used properly, your list should be a well worn journal that will be lasting proof of a life well lived. It occurred to me a long time ago that a bucket list didn’t make sense because I created a list of things I really wanted to do and experience and when I started enjoying them, I couldn’t imagine doing some of them just one time… My list is meant to Do–over, Re-do, Over-do and in many cases they are items that are sadly Over-due, which explains my quirky little acronym Do-over-doo, I hope you enjoy my blog and follow me as I post our experiences with many new and old adventures to come…

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