Disneyland Travel Essentials


Disneyland is the happiest place on earth when you arrive well prepared.  Here is a list of our Travel Essentials.  It is far easier and more cost effective to bring the necessities along with you rather than having to purchase them spur of the moment…

  1. A good hat, sunhat or baseball cap, keep the sun off your face to prevent long exposure burns.
  1. Sunglasses, enjoy the awesome California sun by reducing the glare with your favorite shades.
  1. Hand Sanitizer, Be ready to handle all your snacks on the go.
  1. Sunscreen, It is really easy to get a burn if you are out all day long, it might feel like you’re not getting burned by all the movement, getting on and off rides, constantly moving from indoors to outdoors that you won’t notice it until it is too late.
  1. Chapstick, Lips can be easily sunburned as well, carry a sunscreen chapstick.
  1. Kleenex or Wet Wipes, for spills or quick clean ups.
  1. Comfortable Shoes, or runners, I can’t imagine not wearing soft durable runners or something equivalent when on average we walk about 25000 steps in a day at the park.
  1. Spare socks, If you enjoy getting really wet on rides like Splash Mountain or the Grizzly Run, a pair of dry socks in your back pack will feel wonderful, when the time comes.
  1. Back Pack, carry only the essentials any extra weight will add up quickly.
  1. Water Bottles, having at least one refillable water bottle is essential to stay hydrated. You can refill water at any of the restaurants. We love the water back pack which holds 2 liters of water. We fill it with lots of ice cubes at the hotel, which gives us hours of ice cold water.
  1. First Aid Kit, it is a good idea to carry a small First Aid Kit with a few band aid’s, pain medicine etc. Both parks do have Nurse’s on site, but, even if you need just a band aid for a simple cut, you will be required to fill out some lengthy paper work.
  1. Cell Phone, or Walkie Talkies, what ever method you can use to stay in touch with each member of your group. We give the kids Walkie Talkies in case we become separated. We also use it for park strategy by sending one person to acquire Fast Passes. A smart phone is also a great way to check for wait times on the rides.
  1. USB Battery charger, for your smart phone, this is a great way to get a full charge to your phone without having to stop and find a plug in for your phone. With this handy device you can charge while you are standing in line.
  1. Autograph Book and Pen, If your kids are collecting autographs, you can pick up one from the dollar store or buy a souvenir autograph book in the park.
  1. Camera, to capture all your memories, with the quality of pictures you can get from an inexpensive digital pocket camera you really need to carry one in your pocket. If you want to invest in something even more memorable, the water proof submersible GoPro camera or equivalent, which takes spectacular videos and stills. No worries about getting it soaked on Splash Mountain, or in the pool for that matter. Remember extra film or memory cards and camera charger.
  1. Water Proof Pouch, or ziplock bag to store your cell phone and camera during wet rides like “Splash Mountain” and “Grizzly Run.”
  1. Poncho, Disneyland has great souvenir ponchos if the weather catches you off guard. However if you know that rain is in the forecast for your trip, pick up a few ponchos from the dollar store and save money.
  1. Lockers, Take advantage of the convenience of a locker. This is a great way to make your day as comfortable as possible. Bring along everything you need for the whole day; extra clothes, snacks, a light jacket for cool nights, a poncho if rain is in the forecast. The lockers can be accessed all day.

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