California Adventure Dining Tips


Picking a great restaurant in California Adventure is an important part of making your visit enjoyable. Equally important is having a strategy of when and how to enjoy your choice…

  1. Water and Snacks, Yes, you can bring water and food into California Adventure. We always bring snacks and water into the park so that we can stay hydrated and keep our energy up between meals. Take advantage of enjoying these snacks and water while you are standing in line. Our Fitbit shows we walk on average 25000 steps in a single day at the park. If you travel with water bottles you can buy convenient hooks to snap the bottle to your belt or back pack. Another one of our useful travelling tools is the water back pack which holds two liters of water. At the hotel, we fill it with ice cubes and water which gives us ice cold water for hours.
  1. Restaurant Reservations, The other trick we take advantage of is making a reservation for lunch and or dinner in the park, having an exact seating time at one of the restaurants in the park easily frees up about an hour of wait time which can be put towards enjoying a ride or a show. Our two favorite restaurants in California Adventure would be Paradise Garden Grill and Ariel’s Grotto. Call: (714)-781-3463 to make a reservation for any of the Restaurants in Disneyland or California Adventure Park.You can even call the same day, once you have determined the details of your day.
  1. Eat at Non Peak Times, If you don’t make reservations, it is better to eat at non peak hours. Have Breakfast at 10:30, Lunch at 3:00 and Dinner at 8:00 the wait time will be shorter.
  1. SHARING, Most Restaurant meals have huge portions, we often will order a meal and an appetizer and share. Order off the kids menu as well for smaller portions. Sharing helps your dollar go further for more treats! 
  1. MUSIC TO RELAX AND RE ENERGIZE, Enjoy the music of Live Bands at the Paradise Garden Grill on Paradise Pier or go to Pacific Wharf where you can hear the Mariachi Divas while you take a break and eat.
  1. A MEAL AND WORLD OF COLOR,VIP World of Color viewing is available with dining packages from Carthay Circle, Ariel’s Grotto and Wine Country Trattoria.
  1. DISCOUNTS ON DINING, If you are an Annual Pass holder, subscribe to D23 or have the Disney Visa? Any one of these offer dining discounts in Disneyland, California Adventure and Downtown Disney. Look into the benefits of each, any one is worth acquiring.
  1. USE THE CALIFORNIA GRAND EXIT, We also like to take a break from walking by exiting through the California Grand Hotel. This offers quick access into Downtown Disney where you will find some great dining options as well.  Note you can exit into the California Grand Hotel but  only guests staying in the hotel can enter into the park.


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