Downtown Disney Entertainment


A wide variety of entertainment and activities can be found along the promenade of Downtown Disney.  Performers, shows and Live music can often be found in front of various establishments as well as inside a few dining establishments such as the House of Blues, Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen and Tortilla Jo’s…

  1. AMC Theatre, we have visited Disneyland a few times during which a new Disney film has been released. Enjoying a new movie on a day we did not have access to the park adds to the Magic. It also is a great way to split up, if someone in the group wants a few hours to shop and the kids are not interested in shopping.
  1. Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen, Live music nightly from 6-10pm.
  1. House of Blues, Live music starts in the restaurant at 10pm Wednesday to Saturday. Catch world renowned musical acts as well as new, up and comers on the stage.
  1. Tortilla Jo’s, Enjoy the sounds of a live Mariachi Band.
  1. Lively Entertainment, Can be found at various locations throughout Downtown Disney, keep your eyes and ears open for talented and diverse performers.
  1. Seasonal Events, Watch for special events throughout the year, you might find an additional concert stage or sport event by the ESPN zone or even ice skating over Christmas.

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