Planes Trains and Ride Hailing Services


Living on the west coast outside of Vancouver BC we enjoy a mild climate and a lot of rain. When it pours, there is nothing greater than taking a short flight early in the morning and being under a palm tree in time for lunch on a beach…

California is without a doubt one of my favorite destinations due to the ease of getting there and the beautiful weather that they offer for the majority of the year. One year, during the fall, we had a nice little trip booked but due to unforeseen circumstances, it was impossible to fly. That was the year we discovered Amtrak. Although the train ride to Los Angeles from Seattle took about 35 hours, it was immensely enjoyable and gave us another view to enjoy the entire west coast. I think everyone should take as much opportunity for vacation as possible. By any means travel to your destination be it on a plane, train, automobile, bus, bicycle or ride hailing services. Leave no stone un-turned when it comes to getting the most from your money, so you can get to where you want to go at the best price. One incredible new way to save money is by using Ride Hailing services, at a fraction of the cost of other modes of transportation, putting more money in your pocket for those delicious treats or splurges…


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