Annual Pass Advantages

I highly recommend looking into purchasing annual passes for huge savings at zoos, aquariums, theme parks, ski resorts, water parks, fitness centers and any other activity you might have in close proximity to where you live. With 52 weeks in a year, looking for fun things to do can often seem taxing on your time and energy. Often annual passes are priced at the cost of just a few visits, very often even less. If you are thinking long term, the cost savings on acquiring an annual pass makes the most sense.

An annual pass offers many advantages:

  • Reduces the cost of entrance, the more you use it the more savings you have achieved.
  • Multiple visits mean more enjoyment throughout the year when you would otherwise be looking for something to do.
  • Annual passes often include other discounts or benefits while visiting.
  • Bonus exercise, many annual pass activities involve a lot of walking, which offers you the physical benefits similar to a gym membership but involve something more fun.

Many activities where annual passes are available will allow you to use the purchase price of the day ticket towards an upgrade toward an annual pass before you exit that day. This gives you the flexibility of deciding how much you enjoyed your visit before committing to the yearly pass. Take the price of the annual pass and divide it by how many times you think you might go, now compare that price to what the one day ticket is. It is always a little shocking when you calculate how much you will actually save. Then, make a game out of going as many times as possible throughout the year. You will feel like you paid peanuts for the passes and, have a fantastic time as well.

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