Wild Play Elements Park


We are taking advantage of an annual pass offered by Wild Play Elements Park in Maple Ridge BC with various other locations available. This is a great way to have a lot of fun and stay fit.

Zip Lining

Wild Play is one of the many activities we like to use on a regular basis so we can continue enjoying a treat of the week. Putting on this monkey harness and climbing trees 45 feet in the air and then occasionally zip lining throughout the course. What a fun outdoor activity and it also does wonders to help eliminate any fear of heights you may have, well maybe not. This harness and wiring apparently can hold 6000 pounds, how much do I weigh? Ok I am good! Wild play is a great training ground if you aspire to engage in a more elaborate and longer zip line course available at many great travel destinations. Wild Play has courses available in Maple Ridge BC, Kelowna BC, Nanaimo BC, Victoria BC, Niagra Falls ON and Wood Buffalo AB. Go check them out, you will have a blast.


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