Merry Christmas


After warming up in California for a week, I will be enjoying a quiet and relaxing Christmas at home this year. However, December 25th is an excellent day to travel, the flight loads are generally light and often the deals you can find with airlines and resorts are quite notable.

You can book a flight and enjoy a hot destination at an all-inclusive resort or maybe you would like to take a cruise and enjoy a floating hotel with 24 hour restaurants and entertainment.  Think about it! Maybe next Christmas you would like to take advantage of the Christmas deals and relax under a decorated palm tree in the sand!  Regardless of what you choose, make sure you take time to enjoy the season and a laugh. Maybe watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.  Next year, I am seriously considering enjoying Christmas on a beach somewhere, stay tuned.  But, this year I am enjoying a roaring fire at home with family, friends and some Christmas cheer.  If you don’t have a fireplace, get festive with your TV and turn it to the 24-hour fireplace channel and cozy up to a crackling fire.  Now you can enjoy the best of the season and when I say the best of the season, I am referring to chocolate dipped short bread cookies. Merry Christmas!

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