New Years Travel Resolution


My New Years resolution this year is to travel more often.  I might only have a few weeks off a year, but I intend to use them well! I also plan on taking advantage of as many long weekends as possible.  Follow me here as I explore as many new destinations as I can.  Here is a step by step guide to making sure travel is in your future.

  1. Deciding where you really want to go is the first step of course.  To actually make a decision means following through with it.  Which means it is imperative you make the next step and that is to move towards it.
  1. Research the destination, keeping in mind that movement creates momentum. The simple act of researching helps motivate you to actually follow through with your travelling goal. Studies have found that planning a vacation will make you happier, even if you don’t follow through with it, but you really should go!  Keep track of all the things you would like to see and do at this destination. Use the Internet, Library, Travel Magazines, or any source that has information to help you make an informed decision. When is the best time to travel to this destination? When is the off season? Will it be super crowded? What is the weather like, is it hurricane season? Are flights and hotels cheaper during certain times of year? And what are the best activities or sights to enjoy there?
  1. Build your Travel fund, save a little money each payday, or skip a few coffees or pack your own lunch for work instead of buying it. I see co-workers spend $10 to $15 a day on lunch, that’s a couple hundred dollars a month. You could spend a quarter of that a month by bringing your own lunch and, it would be healthier too. Now put that money you saved into your travel fund in just two months you have enough money for a plane ticket, a couple more and you have enough for a hotel as well. Everyone can divert money into a vacation by changing a couple of spending habits.
  1. Commit to a vacation date based on your travel fund availability coinciding with best dates to travel. It is best to have some knowledge from your research before deciding when to go. Now that you have figured this out you can book your vacation time off at a time that will maximize your enjoyment.
  1. Book it! You have the money, you know when to go, you have the time off. Now make your reservations, flights, hotels, resorts, transfers, shuttles, parking, events. Save additional money and time by pre purchasing everything that will get you to your destination. Remember to ensure your passport and any necessary visas are valid. Check our post about Travel Essentials and Hacks.
  1. Enjoy your destination you deserve it.

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