Las Vegas Bonus Tips

Lasvegas_2016_01_28_Dsc04669FWhen you are in Las Vegas there is so much to do you will really want to maximize your time. My number one tip is to avoid pre-purchasing tickets for shows or activities, unless it is a performer that has very limited shows.  Keep reading below to find out why.  Here are a few other bonus tips for visiting Las Vegas…


Make sure that you check the Las Vegas Calendar of events before you book you vacation. Schedule your trip around something you would really like to see. A concert, comedian, magician, Cirque Du Soleil show, musical, showgirl production, special or limited engagement show or exposition. Browse the ever changing Las Vegas calendar:



Beware of pre-purchasing tickets for events or activities in advance, including ticket packages.  You’re in Vegas, anything can happen? I strongly recommend only pre-purchasing tickets for headlining performers where performances are very limited. All other shows and activities can be purchased once you arrive. Committing to activities that are only available at specific times or during limited hours, means you will be paying in advance for something you likely will not have the time to fit in.  They say Vegas never sleeps, this is not true.  Sure most Casinos and bars are 24/7 but I was surprised to find a few activities we really wanted to see, only available during very limited hours. Save your money and just pay for the attractions you have time for while you are there. Sure you might pay a little more, but you won’t waste any money on tickets to events that you aren’t able to fit in. Besides which, there are many deals to shows and performances when purchasing last minute.



If you think you can’t go all night long, then you haven’t tried an oxygen bar. With 24 hours in a day how much sleep does a person really need anyway? Take the challenge, see if you can last all night…



Answer this question do you have the money to invest in a timeshare from $600 to $180000?  Are you interested in owning a timeshare? Could you benefit from a Timeshare?  If not, then your time spent is not worth any free tickets to any show.  Because 2 1/2 hours wasted in Las Vegas is two and a half hours wasted in Las Vegas.  There is no such thing as a free breakfast and a 90 minute presentation is really 2 1/2 hours or more. And before you leave at least 3 or 4 salesman will try to hammer you with what a great deal they have for you. If you are truly interested in a timeshare then maybe it’s for you.  If you want to drop $16000 on a down payment for a $180000 Timeshare then go for it. If not, before you step out the door you will hear no less than 6 better deals with the last one being the lowest, at  $600, wait what?  You’re in Vegas, two hours of your precious time that you could be having fun somewhere else, or sleeping off the previous night? Think twice and be sure before you say yes!



Some guy claiming to be a musician on the street will give you a cd of his music as a gift.  But, he will ask you for a small donation of a dollar per song, with twenty songs on the cd.  Sure, go ahead and buy one, but when you get home and play the cd, a little research will enlighten you that the songs on the cd were just ripped off of the internet from a bunch of different artists, none of which are this guy who sold it to you, true story!

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