Hoover Dam

Hooverdam_2016_01_30_Dsc04884FThe Hoover Dam is one of the modern engineering wonders of the world.  Like the Grand Canyon, it is a worthy sight and a must stop to visit.  The Hoover Dam sits in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River on the Arizona and Nevada border.  The Dam is a short drive just 35 miles south of Las Vegas, outside Boulder City…

Turn on a light switch in Arizona, California or Nevada and you will appreciate this beautiful power structure.  Stop by the Visitor Center for more information or a guided tour.  Walk across the dam and see the winged figures of the republic who guard the entrance on the Nevada side.  These bronze 30 foot statues were designed by sculptor Oskar J W Hansen.  The mythological figures represent the higher nature of mankind and have since been rededicated as a memorial to the men that built the dam.

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