Leap Year



Once every four years we get one extra day to synchronize our calendar.  As it takes the earth 265.2422 days to orbit the sun, the quarter of a day is made up once every four years with a leap. The Frog is associated with a Leap Year, so there is no better time than today to find a great restaurant and enjoy some Frog legs.

It just so happens that a great New Orleans styled restaurant can be found in Bellingham WA called Bayou on Bay. They do a great job serving up Frog legs, they also have some great Cajun dishes and a delicious gumbo.  By the way, Frog legs taste like chicken in case you’re wondering. Now speaking of synchronizing the calendar, since you have an extra day this year, I heard of the notion that February 29th is a great day to use as a cue to do something over, or accomplish something that you have maybe been putting off. If the leap year is meant to align our calendar, what can you do today that will align things in your life in a way you would like them to be? Go out and think about it over some Frog legs in Bellingham…


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