Grand Canyon AZ

Grandcanyon_2016_01_30_Dsc05402FThe Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The canyon is a single gorge with an average depth of one mile, an average width of ten miles and approximately 277 miles in length.  What needs to be said other than you need to go there and see it for yourself, it is absolutely breath taking…

One other major thought that you should keep in mind when visiting the Grand Canyon, is your safety. While viewing this absolutely magnificent natural wonder I was shocked by the ability for anyone to just walk up to the cliffs edges with no fences, no barricades, no signs nor warnings. This single fact is the primary reason for this post. I think you should go and see the Grand Canyon for yourself and I think you should make it back home safely. Safety should be your first priority when visiting. A few people per year fall into the canyon, simply by viewing this specular sight.  When you purchase a ticket to see the Grand Canyon they do not inform you of the obvious dangers.  Theme parks around the world are scrutinized for safety.  Yet, the Grand Canyon is a major tourist destination and has a very high fatality rate. I will definitely go back to see it again, it is amazing. The view is indescribable and no photo can illustrate the sheer drop off you see when you are standing on the canyons edge.  The Grand Canyon is viewable from many locations as well as by Helicopter or Airplane.  Enjoy a nice vigorous hike with a spectacular view, or maybe go Camping, take a Mule ride, guided tour or if you really want the adrenaline pumping, try white-water rafting on the Colorado River.


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