Seven Card Charlie

img_9751This road trip was a winning streak of enjoying delicious restaurants. If this trip was a hand in a blackjack game, it would be called a seven card charlie…

Everyone loves a good vacation, we especially look forward to the great variety of restaurants while away.  This road trip was even more indulging than usual, as we managed to stop at many of our favourites along the way.  I am still amazed that we managed to eat at all of these incredible places in one week.  Brenda’s in San Francisco, Mimis Café in Anaheim, The Cheesecake Factory in Anaheim, Mother’s Bistro in Portland, The Wine Trattoria and Carthay Circle in California Adventure and Dukes Restaurant in Malibu…


Cathay Circle, California Adventure, Anaheim CA – Firecracker Duck.


The Cheesecake Factory, Anaheim CA – Lettuce Wraps


Wine Country Trattoria, California Adventure, Anaheim CA – Shrimp Scampi


Mimi’s Cafe, Anaheim CA – Slow Cooked – Corned Beef Hash and Eggs


Brenda’s French Soul Food, San Francisco CA – Butter Pecan French Toast


Mother’s Bistro, Portland OR – Stuffed Frittata


Duke’s, Malibu CA – Lobster

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