Treat of the Week Seven Fold


If we are going to enjoy a week of amazing restaurants, you can rest assured we also enjoyed a week of amazing desserts…

Also, I have to be completely honest, I think we had more than seven, but who is counting? I promise it’s only when we’re on vacation that we enjoy this many treats in a week?  Corbin pictured above with a churro in hand at Disneyland, which holds the number one spot on our list…


Chocolate Lava Cake – Anthonny’s Restaurant, Bellingham, WA


Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream bar with Raspberry Pop Rocks – Clarabells, CA Adventure


Caramel Chocolate Turnover with Popcorn Ice Cream – Carthay Circle – CA Adventure


Double Chocolate Cheesecake – The Cheescake Factory, Anaheim CA

dsc09865fWorld of Color Dessert Platter – Wine Trattoria, CA Adventure


Dessert Platter – McMenamins Kennedy School, Portland OR

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