Black Friday Success

img_6582fI am not one to usually brave the crowds on Black Friday. This year however, I was in Vacation mode and happened to be in the right place, at the right time. The trick to a successful Black Friday excursion is to know exactly what you are looking for…

Secondly, make sure you have put aside some pre Christmas funds to take advantage of the huge discounts. Next be decisive and when you find what you are looking for, act quickly to seal the deal. If you are shopping with friends or family, split up in the store to cover more ground quickly. Finally, reward yourself! The beauty of Black Friday is that in America, they reward themselves with a big turkey dinner the day before the big task of shopping begins.  The majority of the sales start at midnight. I did go into this a little skeptical, however we managed to score a few big ticket items for literally 1/3 the regular price. I realize many great deals can be found online but it was worth the trip to a few actual stores. Definitely worth checking out, if you missed Black Friday see what Cyber Monday and Boxing Day have to offer this year…

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