California Dreaming

dsc01622fThe Black Friday deals were so incredible we used our vacation money this month for Christmas presents instead.   Therefore we decided to postpone our California excursion. Fortunately we have another beach vacation lurking just around the corner in the New Year. Until then, I am California Dreaming with a few of my favorite California Beach shots, which I have made available into a 4 pack panoramic gift card set, just in time for the holidays, which include…


Pier Surfing Manhattan Beach

I was watching surfers on Manhattan Beach when I noticed one of them zig-zagging through the pier. I realized that not only does it take some skill to surf, but to be able to navigate through an obstacle course shows real talent. This would definitely qualify for the do-over-doo spirit. He has obviously mastered this skill…


Cookie Sheet Surfer Santa Monica

While on the Pier of Santa Monica I noticed this fella with a terrific do-over-doo spirit. He was literally surf boarding on what appeared to be a cookie sheet. We immediately called him the Cookie sheet surfer. It was really brilliant, he would swim out as far as he could with the rest of the surfers and glide his way back in on this little Cookie sheet which is pretty original…


Sunset El Segundo

With so many miles of beautiful California beach to cover, you can enjoy one of the many bustling locations like Santa Monica, Venice or Manhattan beach. Or if you want to feel like you have the whole beach to yourself, make a stop at El Segundo you will be glad you did…


Venice Beach Breakwater

One of our favorite things to do in California is to stroll the beach paths. The beautiful California weather permits a leisurely stroll any time of year and any time of day. Here is a picture I snapped as I was passing by the Venice breakwater…

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