Disneyland Character Experiences


Character greetings pose another great photo opportunity throughout the park. Take advantage of using the Photo Pass photographer service so you can put yourself in the picture as well. Here is a list of the most common characters found in the park and where the greetings usually occur. Many characters not listed here do come out seasonally so refer to your Entertainment Guide for exact character times and locations and keep your eyes open for other characters roaming around the park…
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Disneyland Top Photo Op Locations


Along with all the fun that goes along with spending time at the happiest place on earth is capturing those special memories with a photograph. Disneyland has so many unique things to see in the park.  We have created a list of some of the great locations to place yourself for some really great images…

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Disneyland Penny Press Locations


Our favourite souvenir of Disneyland is collecting the Penny Presses.  It is also somewhat of a treasure hunt.  The Penny Press machines can be found all over the parks, Downtown Disney and the Disney Resort hotels.  A Penny Press map is available at Disneyland City Hall.  Here is a list of where the machines can be found in Disneyland…

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Disneyland Parades & Shows


The Disneyland Diamond Celebration brings a few new brilliant shows to the park;  The Color the Night parade and the Disneyland Forever fireworks.  Check your Entertainment Times Guide accompanying your park map for exact show times and locations, as the showings and times change throughout the year.

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Disneyland Tips For A Magical Visit


You are visiting the happiest place on earth, so take the time to notice it. It is also the busiest place on earth, so don’t count how many times you make it on each ride. Appreciate how friendly the Cast Members are, notice how clean the park is, despite how many people are there. Take a moment and marvel at the attention to detail in every aspect of the park, from the colors, sights, sounds, smells and architecture. Enjoy everything you can at the park right down to all the delicious foods like the churro. Immerse yourself in all the Disney stories throughout the park. I look at Disneyland as a living piece of art. When Walt Disney created Disneyland he said it would never be finished. That is part of the magic, as it continues to grow and expand, it continues to inspire people with wonderful memories. If you’re a kid, the park is pure magic. If you’re an adult, it lets you enjoy being a kid all over again. Here are some great tips we have discovered over the years:

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Corbin’s Disneyland Resort Must Ride List

Physiotherapy is done. Time to enjoy our long overdue vacation with some extreme laughter therapy. Here is Corbin’s “Top 10 Must Ride List” for Disneyland.  Be sure to follow our Travel Glimpse blog for some great tips.

Corbin’s “Top 10 Disneyland Must Ride List:”


  1. Splash Mountain, Critter Country
  2. Big Thunder Railroad, Frontierland
  3. Space Mountain, Tomorrowland
  4. Indiana Jones, Adventureland
  5. Haunted Mansion, New Orleans Square
  6. Pirates of the Caribbean, New Orleans Square
  7. Star Tours, Tomorrowland
  8. Jungle Cruise, Adventureland
  9. Peter Pan’s Flight, Fantasyland
  10. Mr Toad’s Wild Ride, Fantasyland

Physiotherapy Third Week

PHYSIO3sSwimming is the other great activity for regaining strength in your leg. After a few weeks of stretching, swimming and bike riding, it is now time to recycle those crutches. Best to recycle them to another person who needs them.  It has taken a few weeks to eliminate your limp, but now, we are ready to get back to regular business and take that vacation we missed! Next stop, Disneyland!

Physiotherapy First Week

PHYSIO2-DSC08830FsCorbin has a very stiff leg. It will take a lot of stretching for his leg to get back to normal and he is able to begin walking without a limp. He will also need to continue using crutches for a little longer. When a broken leg is cast many Doctors will bend the knee when they set the cast which makes it easier to maneuver with crutches. The down side is, when the cast comes off, it takes a little longer to straighten your leg again. However the down side to having your leg cast straight at the knee is that it would be impossible to use crutches and you would be forced to use a wheelchair only, while recovering. Fortunately Corbin’s cast was bent at the knee, so, let the stretching begin. The best method to help stretch the leg back is by using an empty milk jug filled with water. Hang the milk jug with a bungee cord at the knee for 20 minute intervals a few times a day. Here we are, back on the couch, thank goodness for Netflix…