Travel Essentials & Hacks


Enjoy your vacation with peace of mind knowing that you have all the essentials required for your trip. Computers crash and errors occur, ensure you have a print out of any receipts for prepaid bookings and reservation codes. Proof of payment can be vital for airline tickets, transfers and parking. I have run into many situations that have required proof of booking and payment. Another important part of your vacation is to do a pre check before you walk out the door. Making sure you have all of the necessary items including travel essentials like battery chargers and phone cables. I don’t think there is any one thing more annoying on vacation than having the unnecessary expense of rebuying something you already own like a phone charger that you forgot to pack. Not to mention the precious vacation time wasted on finding a store instead of enjoying your vacation time. Here is a checklist and a few good Travel Hacks:

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Huntington Beach CA


You will find many great beaches within an hour drive of Disneyland, we will be reviewing many of them here in subsequent posts. This trip we spent the day at Huntingdon Beach. Here is what you will find along with the enjoyment of a beautiful sandy beach to build castles or go surfing.

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Top Dining Anaheim


Within walking distance of the Disneyland resort you will find a wide variety of excellent restaurants. We have been enjoying Disneyland for years and have found a few restaurants outside the park that we would never miss.  If you only have time for one great breakfast in Anaheim make sure you stop by Mimi’s Café on Harbor Boulevard.

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