Seattle WA


Seattle is a great place to spend a day or a week, with so many great sights and activities as well as a great number of fantastic restaurants. We take advantage of traveling to Seattle often for a weekend or even just a day trip. Seattle is one of those destinations, worthy of multiple visits. Watch for additional posts of Seattle to come soon.  For now, here is what you might want to enjoy on a typical visit…

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Pacific National Exhibition


Vancouver BC offers an excellent fair which runs every year from the end of August to the first week in September. It offers a number of great attractions, food and entertainment. This year the lineup of entertainment includes The Beach Boys, Colin James, Hall and Oates, Dennis DeYoung, Tom Cochrane and Loverboy to name a few. Check the PNE website for a full list of the performers.

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Tacoma Top Treats


You can find over 500 Olive Garden locations across the USA. Which means, at this very moment, some really great desserts are standing by waiting for you to come and enjoy.  The treat of the week is the black tie mousse cake or the tiramisu, both are winners.  Why not go for both?   This would count as a double treat of the week!

Top Dining Near Wild Waves


Maybe it is the allure of the all you can eat soup, salad and bread sticks or the fact that there are over 500 locations and it is easy to find one just about anywhere.  Regardless of the reason, if you only have time to dine one place near Wild Waves make it the Olive Garden, and save room for the Black Tie Mousse Cake which is our treat of the week.  You will find an Olive Garden located just 10 minutes from Wild Waves.  It is worth the drive!

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Annual Pass Advantages

I highly recommend looking into purchasing annual passes for huge savings at zoos, aquariums, theme parks, ski resorts, water parks, fitness centers and any other activity you might have in close proximity to where you live. With 52 weeks in a year, looking for fun things to do can often seem taxing on your time and energy. Often annual passes are priced at the cost of just a few visits, very often even less. If you are thinking long term, the cost savings on acquiring an annual pass makes the most sense.

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