Jeff Goldblum Day

Pittsburgh, PA declared July 13th Jeff Goldblum day, a well know American Actor and Jazz Musician who landed his star on the walk of fame in Hollywood last year for his many blockbuster appearances.  A new Jeff Goldblum show is coming to the new Disney + streaming service called “the world according to Jeff Goldblum,” starting in November of this year, looking forward to it.  Until then for any other Jeff Goldblum fans, maybe rent or stream one of his movies today, he has over 120 appearances in film and television.

National Smores Day

IMG_4347FGraham crackers, roasted marshmallow and melting chocolate combined make one of the greatest campfire desserts ever created.  If you do not have a campfire, a toaster oven works perfectly, just cut the marshmallow in half, place it on top of the chocolate and graham cracker then bake until golden brown.  Enjoy a S’more today!  Also try replacing the chocolate with a peanut butter cup.